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MFBR’s First Lex Speakeasy Gets Off to a Roaring Start!


Business can be conducted in many places outside of the usual office environment. Golf courses are, as we all know, very popular, particularly with men; the power lunch or dinner in a favourite restaurant can be a pleasant way to manage affairs; and for those of us who like the occasional tipple, a bar can be a very convivial place to discuss new ideas or cement a friendship with a new business acquaintance.

This last example was the idea behind MFBR’s recently announced ‘LEX SPEAKEASY’ gatherings, and the first event held just last week certainly proved its worth.

Despite the challenges of Manila’s fearsome Friday night traffic, attendance was very nearly 100%, and, having quickly (in the space of an hour!) turned our offices into an open bar, MFBR had the pleasure of welcoming representatives from both Filipino and foreign-owned companies, as well as clients and friends both old and new.

There were no speeches, no standing on ceremony, just a relaxed atmosphere where everyone could unwind and chat after a busy week. Discussions ranged across many subjects, from industrial relations to legal barriers and incentives, with raising finance and the problems faced by start-ups very much to the fore. Luckily the MFBR attorneys were on hand to offer advice, as well as soda. Introductions were also made between entrepreneurs, professionals, investors and attorneys, which will hopefully bear fruit in the future.

Because it’s the long term that interests us here. The Speakeasy will, we hope, be a forum where discussions continue from one month to the next, and where the seeds of ideas will germinate, grow and blossom over time.

And if a good single malt whisky or a white wine help speed up that process, then who are we to argue?

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