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In light of the constantly changing social and economic landscape in the world due to COVID-19, everyone at Mallari Fiel Brillante Ronquillo has taken steps to make good our steadfast commitment to serve our clients and our communities.

To this end, we designed a new business model incorporating the traditional “brick and mortar” and “virtual” law offices. This new model is to achieve the continuity of rendering our legal and business consultancy services to clients and friends, and the immediate implementation of our crisis management and business transformation activities.

Thus, we’re glad to announce that for every fortnight, half of our team will be physically present at our offices from Monday thru Friday, 8:00am to 3:00pm. Clients and our friends can reach us through our office phones and online platforms (website, emails, Facebook, LinkedIn, Zoom, etc.). And to ensure the health and safety of our staff, they have the option to be housed in the Firm’s private residence or shuttled back and forth using the company’s private vehicle. Safety protocols are also observed at our offices.

Finally, our team has prepared a series of materials around the impact of COVID-19 and related considerations. Please take time to view our sample articles and research published in our website. A complete listing and discussion of these articles are available in our newsletter to be distributed to our esteemed clients.

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Revisions in the Inter Agency Task Force Resolution No. 14 (PART I)

By: Atty. Jonathan R. De Guzman

Revisions in the Inter Agency Task Force Resolution No. 14 which removed or replaced specific provisions of the previous IATF Resolutions. (PART I)

            Here are some revisions and comparison of the previous resolutions of the Inter Agency Task Force (IATF) repealed by IATF Resolution No. 14 discussed during the press statement of Cabinet Secretary Karlo Nograles last 22 March 2020 in PTV 4.

1. Paragraph B(3) of the IATF Resolution No. 13 is hereby amended to include accommodations to distressed OFWS, to wit:

“No hotels or similar establishment shall be allowed to accommodate except those accommodating:

1. Guests who have existing booking or accommodations for foreigners as of 17 March 2020;

2. Guests who have existing long-term leases;

3. Employees from exempted establishments under the provisions of the March 16, 2020 Memorandum from the Executive Secretary, and subsequent modifications and clarifications.

4. Distressed OFWs, subject to guidelines issued by the Overseas Welfare Workers Administration (OWWA) in coordination with the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA), Department of Tourism (DOT) and the Department of Health (DOH). [As amended by IATF Resolution No. 14]”

            The Resolution No. 14 will now allow the accommodation of hotels and other similar establishments for distressed OFW, subject to the guidelines or advisories of OWWA. As of writing, the OWWA has yet to release guidelines or qualification of Distressed OFW which will be the basis in granting accommodation by hotels or similar establishments.

2. Another provision amended by IATF Resolution No. 14 is, as follows:

“Paragraph (F) of IATF Resolution No. 11 and Paragraph  (D) of IATF Resolution No. 12 s. 2020 is hereby repealed. The guidelines relative to inbound travelers and the issuance of visas shall be as follows:

  1. Visa issuance to all foreign nationals is suspended with immediate effect;
  2. Visa-free privileges based on Visa Waiver Agreements, those under Executive Order 408, s.1960, holders of Hong Kong and Macau SAR passports, Macau-Portuguese passports and British National Overseas passports are also suspended effective 22 March 2020;
  3. Foreign spouses and children of Filipinos are exempted from the above suspension; and
  4. Foreign nationals with visas previously issued by Foreign Service Posts (FSPs) will not be allowed entry into the country starting 22 March 2020, except:
  5. Accredited Foreign Government and International Organization officials and their dependents; and
  6. Foreign spouses and children of Filipino nationals whose visas will remain valid and will be honored when entering the country even after said date.

Accordingly, the DFA shall issue the necessary implementing circular relative to the foregoing.”

Paragraph (F) of IATF Resolution No. 11 s. 2020 provides:

“Balik-Manggagawa Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) shall be allowed to travel to mainland China, except to Hubei Province, upon execution of a Declaration signifying their knowledge and understanding of the risks involved. Provided, that a health advisory pamphlet shall be handed out to the OFWs upon departure;“

Paragraph (D) of IATF Resolution No. 11 s. 2020 provides:

“Inbound travelers from Iran and Italy are required to present a medical certificate issued by competent medical authorities within forty eight (48) hours immediately preceding departure, signifying that traveler has tested negative for COVID-19. Provided, that this provision shall not apply to Filipino citizens including foreign spouse and children, if any, holders of Permanent Resident Visa, and holders of 9(e) Diplomat Visas issed by the Philippine Government.

            IATF Resolution No. 11 and 12 only provided exemptions for all inbound travelers who are allowed to the Philippines. However, in Resolution No. 14, the restriction is now applicable to all incoming travelers except to Filipinos coming from abroad along with their foreign spouse and children. Likewise, only those accredited foreign government and International Organizations are allowed entry to the Philippines.

3. Another provision repealed by the IATF Resolution No. 14. is as follows:

“Paragraph (D) IATF Resolution 13 s. 2020 is hereby repealed. The IATF hereby organizes the Response Cluster and Incident Management Team (IMT) at the National, Regional and Local levels. The Department of Health (DOH) shall be the overall lead for the Response Clusters while the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) will be the overall lead for the IMTs. The National IATF, Response Cluster and IMT will locate their headquarters at the AFP Commissioned Officers Clubhouse (AFP-COC), Camp General Emilio Aguinaldo, Quezon City. Moreover, the regional Inter-Agency Task Groups for the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases (IATG-MEID) are hereby organized in all regions headed by the Regional Directors of the DOH.”

Paragraph (D) IATF Resolution 13 s. 2020 provides:

“The Response Clusters of the NDRRMC for COVID-19 at the national, regional, and local levels shall be convened. All councils are directed to implement preventive, preparatory, responsive, and early recovery measures in anticipation of the worst-case scenario insofar as the COVID-19 health event is concerned. The Rehabilitation and Recovery Cluster of the NDRRMC is likewise directed to develop a resiliency and recovery plan.”

            The IATF Resolution No. 13 provides that the Response Cluster of NDRRMC for the local, regional, and national level shall be convened. The Response Cluster of NDRRMC will take all the precautionary measures and rehabilitation plan for containing COVID-19. While IATF Resolution No. 14 provides for the institution of Response Cluster and Incident Management. The primary task of supervising the Response Cluster shall fall under DOH while the Incident Management Team shall be under the supervision of the DILG. IATF Resolution No. 14 also created the Regional Inter-Agency Task Force headed by the Regional Director of DOH. This is likely the response of our government to address all health issues related to COVID-19.

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