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Pinoy Start-up


MFBR Pinoy Start-Up Challenge

The MFBR Pinoy Start-Up Challenge aims to tap the vibrant, creative energies of the youth to explore their entrepreneurial skills and be active participants in building a better and robust Philippine economy.

Contest Mechanics:

  1. The contest is open to all Filipinos or groups of Filipinos, ages 18 – 40.  Only one (1) entry can be submitted per person or group. A group may be composed of a minimum of 2 to a maximum of 5 individuals.

  2. The participants must submit a business idea, e.g. Small-Scale Lending Business for public school students, at any time before January 13 2019. Any entries received after this date will be discounted.

  3. A Selection Team shall be created from among the members of the Law Firm and consultants from the business and government sectors.

  4. The entries shall be submitted through email (

  5. The Selection Team shall select the best 20 ideas on the expiry of the deadline date.

  6. The top 20 shall meet the Selection Team to discuss the details of their business ideas. The idea must highlight the key business concepts, location of establishments, or anything that makes the participant inspired by their business ideas.

  7. Out of the top 20, the selection team shall pick not more than 5 participants to develop a business plan.

  8. Out of the 5 finalists, one shall be picked as winner and another 4 as runners-up.

  9. The winner shall receive: (a) free legal assistance in the setting-up of the company; (b) development of the business plan; (c) assistance in the scouting for venture capitalists; and (d) implementation of the project.

  10. The runners-up shall receive special rewards but will eventually be given the same rewards as the winner, although their preferential order shall be based on the availability and interest of VC’s from a pool of investors.

  11. Participants must like and follow the MFBR Facebook page. This is where news of the Challenge will occasionally be posted. They are also requested to post the comment: ‘I’m joining the MFBR #pinoystartupchallenge

  12. Entrants must promote the contest by sharing their entries to their network on Facebook and Twitter (i.e. For Facebook: I have entered the MFBR #pinoystartupchallenge)

  13. Criteria for judging: tba

  14. Deadline: The deadline for idea submissions for the MFBR Pinoy StartUp Challenge is 13 January 2019.

  15. Selection of Winner: A panel selected by MFBR will use the judging criteria presented above.

  16. Rights of Work: The entrants own the rights to their ideas and work. However, by joining the contest, they agree that their entries may be used in MFBR CSR initiatives in the future.


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